We help you stay safe

Our world-class range of tools and services ensure you have the protection you need.


With our global positioning system you are set to get the best available service. click on find out more below to find our case study.


with our software say bye to your troubles as our software will solve your hard case issues, click on find out more to showcase our case study.


to set up best security to your location, CCTV, Fingerprint access doors, and more read the below find out more to showcase our case study.

FLEET Security made simple

Keep yourself secure and protected, effortlessly with our GPS and track your Vehicles from the comfort of your mobile

our GPS comes with mobile applications that make your fleet control much easier and more managable.
Engine Immobilizer

Stop thieves before they ever get away

With our engine immobilizer your vehicle is safe, whenever your vehicle leaves the safe zone chosen by you the engine immobilizer will trigger and immobilize and notify you, your vehicle is thief proof with this feature.
Always protected

Complete Fleet security, on all of your Vehicles

with our GPS pro option your fleet can be the safest, and your time management and fleet management will improve to new levels, start now with core network and advance forward with your business.

Key Features Available in Our Services

Web View

with simple easy to use UI you can never be stuck, as everything is self explained within the system.


with us your vehicle information is always secure as our servers and hosts are protected with firewalls and always secured and backed-up.

Security Audits

our teams to do frequents security checks on our software to make sure that our data is backed-up and secure.

Security Analytics

our data is being anylized on frequent bases to insure the safety of our clients.

Global Monitoring

our servers and hosts are under consistant monitoring to insure that everything is up and running 24/7

File Protection

our team makes sure that every file in our servers and hosts are backed-up to have reserve in-case of any misfortune

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